Darity Business Academy Mission


  • Shift women and minority business owner’s mindset to grow and maintain their business.

  • Improve business creditability through education, training, coaching, and implementing systems.

  • Partner with large corporations to invest in women and minority business owners to build sustainable economics in minority communities.


Darity Business Academy LLC understands success is a mindset. We provide a well-rounded approach to assist women and minority-owned businesses in building, scaling, and maintaining a thriving business that creates jobs and positively impacts local communities.  We strive to empower women and minority-owned businesses to connect with each other, grow with each other, and mentor each other. We want to ensure that there is a future where women and minority-owned businesses can see themselves represented.


Kendra Darity 


My passion is to serve as a leader by encouraging innovative ideas, forward-thinking, equip small women and minority-owned businesses with the tools and resources to educate on entrepreneurial best practices.